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Technical Circuits, Inc. a disabled, female owned small business, founded in 1985 by Penny Webb, has stood the true test, the test of time. There is no substitute for experience! We serve Commercial, Medical, Aerospace and Military markets, and are adding others all the time.


Technical Circuits, Inc. serves the following industries and more:

Aerospace, Automotive, Commercial Electronics, Computer Equipment, Contract Manufacturers, Gaming, Homeland Security, Industrial Controls, LED – Lighting, Medical, Military, RF-Microwave, and Telecommunications.

Further, as Manufacturer’s Representatives, we market, (but are not limited to) the following products and services:

Custom Printed Circuit Boards, Custom enclosures, either sheet metal or plastic, Custom Machining, Custom Cables, Harnesses, Wire Assembly, Custom Membrane Switches, Overlays, Name Plates, Custom Rapid Prototyping and Molding, Stereolithography, Custom Designing and Reverse Engineering and Advanced Ionization Technologies.

Technical Circuits, Inc. only represents Companies that can stand up to the most thorough investigation and have an outstanding track record.

We will not represent any Company that does not build a high quality product or provide a first class service, be competitive in the market place and have an exceptional record of on time delivery. We provide expertise in marketing with over 100 years of combined marketing and sales experience, and services to both large and small companies. Our customer service second to none and we offer design and engineering support as well as follow through and are happy to share our advanced technical knowledge with those who appreciate it.

Printed Circuit Boards

In today’s Printed Circuit Board world, changes are made at the blink of the eye. Our customers have a wide variety of requirements and technologies, and we are able to provide each

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Supporting Products

If you require sheet metal enclosures or other Sheet Metal parts, Aluminum, Copper or other materials, small, medium to large enclosures, rack mounts.

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Design Services

We or our principals will be happy to assist you in the design of your product. This all starts with non-disclosures to assure you.

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As our name, Technical Circuits, Inc. might indicate, our main thrust is the printed circuit board. We primarily serve states in the Southeast U.S., including Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia, where we are based. Printed circuit boards go in almost everything we use today that is electrical. The very first printed circuit board was made in 1936, but the advancement of the circuit board since has been incredible. Today almost everything we hear about is about making electronic items not only smaller but faster. The first computers were huge in size, required special flooring, large air conditioning systems, special wiring, took many people to write programs to make them work, and virtually did nothing but add subtract multiply divide and test for positive, negative and equal. The cost of these computers were measured in hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. Today our cell phones will do just about anything and everything you need to do. And the cost is almost nothing by comparison. All made possible by the printed circuit boards being made more complex, faster and smaller and the components that populate the circuit boards being made so small that we can barely see them with the naked eye. Today the technology is quickly changing and the Printed Circuit Board is under constant change. Making the holes much smaller, higher layer count and using so many types of different materials and finish’s. Getting rid of the lead in the solder. There is not much that we have not seen or done, from the very simple to some of the most complex. It is impossible for us to provide all the information you might like to have on this web site, but we can offer the next best thing. If you would just let us know what you are interested in, we will be happy to provide you with as little or as much information as you might desire. You can be assured we will not “bug” you but only provide you with what you ask for.



For The Military World we offer for your Printed Circuit Board Requirements: ITAR, ITAR JCP, MIL 31032, MIL 55110, MIL 50884, Class 1, 2, or 3,…

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We or our principals will assist you with your project, keeping you up to date on the latest and newest technologies and materials…

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For the Corporate/Commercial World, Technical Circuits can offer you for your Printed Circuit Board Requirements: For the Auto, Commercial Electronics…

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We or our principals can provide you with help and assistance from the very beginning of an idea to it being a successful marketable product…

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For the Designer World we offer you assistance in the design of your Printed Circuit Boards to assure they are designed for manufacture…

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Penny Webb: President

Near the end of the Great Depression in a small rural community in the State Tennessee and in the County of Anderson a baby girl was born, Edwina Sue Beets. Her early years were filled with much sickness and pain as she was stricken with Polio, or sometimes better known as Infantile Paralysis. – Read More


Kelly Clark: Secretary-Treasurer

Kelly is a salesman’s salesman, a student of the business, whatever business he happens to be in, and a builder of sales territories. Born in Newport, Tennessee but lived most of his Tennessee years in Clinton. Attended Clinton High School and attended the University of Tennessee in pursuit of an accounting degree. Decided he did not – Read More

We cooperate with other manufacturers representatives and are always looking for additional representatives sub representatives who would complement our organization.




Contact us with your interests, and we will do everything we can to provide you with the information that you are looking for, and the source for getting it done. For all those that wish to call us at 770.813.9811, we are available most anytime you would care to call, and we always answer the phone with a smile on our face. We doze but never close.


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