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     About Us

Technical Circuits, Inc. was established in 1985 as a Manufacturers’ Representative Company in the electronics and electronics related industry. One of the major marketing goals of the firm was and is to pursue commercial as well as military business within the Southeastern States of Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. Technical Circuits has an extremely wide range of combined business experience which include the following:
  • Documented expertise in marketing and sales to major OEM's.
  • Customer service capabilities.
  • Thorough engineering support and follow-through.
  • Advanced technical knowledge.

Technical Circuits is an Electro-mechanical Manufacturer’s Representative Company with it’s main thrust in the printed circuit board industry. Complimentary products include plastic injection molding, sheet metal power supplies, transformers and membrane switches. Most all of our products are “custom” in design and not usually off the shelf. This puts Technical Circuits, Inc. in a very unique position to properly and effectively represent those whose primary concern is market share in the Southeast.

Technical Circuits, Inc. was responsible for approximately $10,000,000.00 in sales during the year 2001. This figure was considerably lower than our year 2000 due to the impact of the economical down turn. Although a major part of our sales comes from the Atlanta area, huge strides have been made to strengthen our sales production in the other areas that we serve. With associates added in Tennessee and the Carolinas, we will be able to increase our sales numbers and regain the momentum we had in 2000.

Technical Circuits, Inc. only represents Companies that can stand up to a very thorough investigation. Not being a large organization, our reputation is most important to us. We will not represent any Company that does not build a very high quality product, be competitive in the market place, and be able to deliver on time.

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