Printed Circuit Boards

In today’s Printed Circuit Board world, changes are made at the blink of the eye. Our customers have a wide variety of requirements and technologies, and we are able to provide each of them with solutions. From the most simple requirements to the leading edge of technology, we can offer you a solution. If you need it quick, if you need protos, whatever your needs, we have an answer and a solution.

ITAR, ITAR JCP, MIL 31032, MIL 55110, MIL 50884, AS9102,TS16949, ISO 13485, Class 1, 2, or 3, thin core/heavy copper, RHos or non RHos, rigid, rigid flex or flex, through hole or surface mount, exotic and high temperature and mixed material construction, laser drilling, fine lines and spaces, single sided simple to high tech, high layer count, blind and buried vias, microvias–stacked/staggered, copper and epoxy filled vias, impedance control, sequential lamination, embedded capacitance & resistance, signal integrity, laser design image, small, proto, fast turn, medium/large volume, or if you require help in the design of your printed circuit board, Kanban or custom inventory system, whatever your requirements, if you require help in the design of your printed circuit board, or if you need to reverse engineer an old circuit board, we have an answer. All of the products are Made in the USA.