Kelly is a salesman’s salesman, a student of the business, whatever business he happens to be in, and a builder of sales territories.

Born in Newport, Tennessee but lived most of his Tennessee years in Clinton. Attended Clinton High School and attended the University of Tennessee in pursuit of an accounting degree. Decided he did not like the accounting field, started his sales career selling life insurance. His first year he led the Company of 1,500 sales people in sales. Was promoted to Staff Manager where he trained new sales people while working toward getting a CLU designation. He was very active in the community being president of the Jaycees, an officer in the Tennessee National Guard, President of the council of clubs, member of the Anderson County Industrial Development Commission and was selected as a candidate for the TOYM award.

Kelly accepted a sales position with NCR in Knoxville and won the Sales and Marketing award from SMEK. He attended NCR’s Sugar Camp, in Dayton Ohio and was elected President of his class. He was instrumental in getting the first NCR computer being sold in Knoxville. From Knoxville he was transferred to Jacksonville Florida as an Account Manager, where he led a staff of sales people and computer programmers for the North East Florida area. While in Jacksonville he sold the first Financial “One Line’ system in Florida to a NCR Financial Data Processing Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

From Jacksonville Florida he changed Companies and positions and started working for The Reynolds and Reynolds Company. Moving from Jacksonville to Fort Lauderdale, he established a computer data center to service automobile dealerships in the South East Florida area. In 3 ½ years he was able to attain the distinction of most profitable data center in the country. Because his father passed away, he decided that he needed to go back to Tennessee where he could be closer and look after his Mother.

In Knoxville he worked with ABC Computers selling NEC Mini Computers before accepting the position as Sales Engineer for Mountain Health Information Systems, in Asheville, NC. This was a division of St. Joseph’s Hospital selling Mini Computers to doctor’s offices and clinics in North Carolina. The hospital after a very short time, made a management decision to close down this division so Kelly and his Manager started a company Digital Computer Products, selling DEC mini computers to the same market place as he had been working with the hospital. During this period of time the Mini Computer was being replaced with micro computers and the market for the Minis was no longer viable, thus the business closed. This was the beginning of Apple’s fantastic growth pattern and MSDOS for all micro computers.

Back in Knoxville he started working for The Cummins Allison Corporation, selling coin sorting and packaging equipment to the Banking industry as well as check signers, perforators etc. The territory was primarily in the East Tennessee area. While working in Chattanooga, loading a coin sorter in his van, he ruptured some disks in his back, and it was determined he could no longer do any heavy lifting. At this point, in 1993, he decided to start working with an old friend from High School, Penny Webb, primarily marketing printed circuit boards as a manufacturer’s representative in the custom electronics field. He is the Secretary/Treasurer for Technical Circuits, Inc. and serves as the Sales Manager.