Sheet Metal Fabrication Requirements:

If you require sheet metal enclosures or other Sheet Metal parts, Aluminum, Copper or other materials, small, medium to large enclosures, rack mounts, proto, fast turns or medium to large quantities, or if you need help with a special design for your metal requirements, we have an answer and a solution.

Plastic Injection Molding Requirements:

If you require plastic enclosures or other plastic parts for a new project, need a mold, have a mold and need to move it or have it reconditioning, mold located overseas and need U. S. to build, proto fast turns using 3D printing or Stereolithography, Rubber molds, Urethane Castings, we have an answer and a solution.

Membrane/PCB Switches Requirements:

Tactile, Steel Dome, Polydome, Embossed, Clear Touch, LED Integrated, Screen Printing, Outdoor, Durable, Domed, Embossed, Metal, Plastic, Paper, Vinyl, Custom Adhesive, Quick Turnaround with no rush premiums, we have an answer and a solution.

Advanced Ionization Technology Requirements:

Alpha or Electrical solutions, In line, Ionizing Gun Kits, Linear, Spot Sources, Alpha Fans & Blowers, EOL Ionizers, we have an answer and a solution.